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How Solar Charging Stations are Revolutionising Parking Lots

In an era of growing environmental awareness and sustainable living, the transportation industry is undergoing a significant transformation. Electric Vehicles (EVs) have taken centre stage, promising cleaner and more efficient mobility. To support this eco-friendly shift, solar charging stations, often integrated with solar carports, are revolutionising parking lots and...

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Harnessing the Power of the Sun: Innovative Solutions for Eco-Friendly Driving and Shaded Parking

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable living, the automotive industry is steering towards eco-friendly alternatives, and the sun is playing a pivotal role in this revolution. From solar car chargers to innovative car park shade structures, Australia is at the forefront of embracing solar power for electric vehicles (EVs)....

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‘Marriage made in heaven’: Awnings that shade car parks can power cars

Shade Car parks was set up 3 years ago to provide a service to an area of the renewable energy market that was not well served but had huge growth potential. Covid put numerous projects on hold but now we are seeing lots of these come back onboard and...

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Launch of HELIOPARK Solar Car Ports

Schletter Australia has partnered with SCP ‘Solar Car Parks’ to launch the HELIOPARK range of Solar Car Ports for the Australasian market. SCP is a provider of tailored solar car park design and installation services with a dedicated team who understands the multifaceted DESIGN, MANUFACTURING, PLANNING and INSTALLATION requirements...

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Solar Car Parks – An Introduction

Solar Car Parks – An Introduction

320kW solar car parks system at Leichhardt Marketplace in Sydney. We hear the words 'no-brainer' thrown around a lot in the clean energy industry. Thankfully, most of the time it's a correct assumption for most (not all) products that assist in becoming energy independent. As we approach the turn of the decade,...

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