Solar Carparks gathering momentum

Solar Carparks gathering momentum

Solar Carparks gathering momentum


Solar carparks have been present in Australia for about a decade, but it is only in the past year that their popularity has truly surged. This recent growth can be attributed to a variety of factors, each contributing to the increased adoption of these green energy-generating structures.

One significant driver of this surge is the rising demand for electric vehicle (EV) chargers. As more people switch to electric vehicles, the need for convenient and efficient charging solutions has grown. Solar carparks provide a logical solution by generating solar energy on-site, which can then be used directly to charge EVs. This not only makes the charging process more sustainable but also more cost-effective for users.

In addition to the demand for EV chargers, another major reason for the increased interest in solar carparks is the realisation by many organizations that their existing rooftop solar installations are no longer sufficient to meet their energy needs. Whether these organisations are private companies, government bodies, or public sites, many have already maximised their rooftop solar capacity. However, the demand for solar power continues to grow, driven by both environmental goals and financial incentives. Carparks, with their large, open spaces, offer an ideal solution for additional solar installations.

Solar carparks provide multiple benefits beyond just generating clean energy. One of the most appreciated advantages is the shade they provide for parked vehicles. This shading not only protects cars from the sun’s harsh rays, reducing interior temperatures and improving comfort for drivers and passengers, but also helps to extend the lifespan of the vehicles by protecting them from UV damage. Additionally, the shaded areas can contribute to a reduction in the heat island effect, helping to keep the surrounding environment cooler.

Another often-overlooked benefit of solar carparks is their potential for water collection. The panels can be designed to direct rainwater into collection systems, providing a valuable resource for irrigation or other uses on the property. This integration of solar power generation and water management further enhances the sustainability of the site.

The combination of these benefits has led to a significant increase in the recognition of solar carparks as a viable and attractive option for many types of properties. The sustainability benefits, coupled with the financial incentives such as reduced energy costs and potential revenue from EV charging, make solar carparks a smart investment. They represent a multifaceted approach to sustainability, offering clean energy, vehicle protection, and resource management, all of which contribute to their growing popularity and widespread adoption across Australia.


Solar carparks have installed a variety of different systems types and sizes over the last six months some images of these are below.

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