Turn your carpark into a Green energy generation station

Power your whole site with Green Energy

Microgrids and Embedded Networks

If you have a property with multiple tenants traditionally, they all have the businesses have their own connections and energy bills. The Embedded Network means that instead of this model the property has a main meter or gate meter and each tenancy a sub meter. This then means the operator of the Embedded Network can buy energy into the site at volume rates and on sell this energy to the tenants cheaper than the market rate but still at a margin.

The next level on from this is to use this Embedded Network to set up a microgrid where instead of just buying in power from the grid you can create your own onsite by solar/wind and, add batteries to have the power available when the tenants in the Microgrid need the power. Depending on the demand in this Microgrid at various times larger or smaller batteries make more economic sense and also the size of the solar system would be different for each site. There is also the ability to have spare energy that could be sold into the wholesale market at times where the spot rate is high.

The image below shows a sample Microgrid with Solar to produce as much power onsite as possible.

microgrid installation

Solar car parks are a great way to reduce your business’s carbon footprint and expenditures. By installing solar panels at your property, you can create your own solar power plant that will generate cheap, renewable energy for your tenants to use.

This green energy can be distributed throughout your embedded network, reducing the need for traditional, carbon-intensive power sources. In addition, selling the electricity generated by your solar car park can help offset the costs of installation and maintenance.

Benefits of Microgrids

Renewable Generation and Battery Storage can lead to cost savings and improve energy efficiency. Microgrid offers numerous benefits.

Able to operate separately or independently from the main electricity network (if required), microgrids provide a more reliable power source by utilising its own local energy generation and storage. This means it’s able to operate even if the main grid is down. Microgrids can also synchronise with the main grid when necessary and support others in the local area.

As it doesn’t rely solely on grid power, a microgrid can provide better quality and supply of electricity to remote areas in a more cost efficient way. This is also due to microgrids’ ability to close the distance between where the power is generated and where it is used, increasing efficiency.

Creating its own supply of local power, a microgrid is also able to store and share excess power among users. This ensures a more sustainable and cost-effective system.

Ask us to assess your property to establish what system size would suit and what kind of rental income could be generated for you on your site!

benefits of microgrid

A microgrid is a good option for those looking for environmentally friendly systems, as it can be integrated with renewable energy sources. As energy from solar and wind power and battery storage grows more affordable and technology becomes more sophisticated, microgrids present great opportunities for reducing costs and improving energy efficiency.

‍Microgrids have proven to be very successful in places around the world that have been affected by outages caused by natural disasters. With its autonomous capabilities, it ensures that essential services continue operating in the case that the centralised energy grid is damaged.

Income generation for Property Owners

Partners of Solar Car Parks are operators and investors in Microgrids and in exchange for allowing them to operate the Microgrid will pay fees to the property owner. These are often structured as “roof rentals” or “airspace rental” similar to advertising hoardings onsite and these rental incomes can be capitalised to increase the properties value.

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Solar Car Parking Solutions from SCP

Our HelioPark EV solar structures are the perfect solution for your new EV fleet, offsetting grid consumption and powering vehicles with clean energy. Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, so you can be sure that your car park is running efficiently and sustainably.

Here are few FAQs about Solar Car Park

Funding options available with Microgrids to run the network and provide an extra  “rental income” for the site that when capitalised increases the property’s value.
Structures can have water management features added to provide a dry environment under the canopy; water can be collected into tanks.
Power can be fed into the embedded network or microgrid to create a financial return on the resale of the energy.
No intrusion into carspaces by structures so no loss of any car spaces and compliant with AS requirements for carparks.
Panel agnostic system so almost all solar panel types accepted.