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Installing Commercial EV chargers in your Solar Car Park system ?

SCP provide a tailored solar car park design and installation service.

We are a dedicated team who understand the multifaceted DESIGN, PLANNING and INSTALLATION requirements involved with solar car park systems.

The implementation of solar car parks requires an in-depth knowledge across a broad spectrum of disciplines ranging:

  • Design consultation
  • Project management
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction and delivery

SCP simplify this complex process, by gathering the necessary information from the start. This enables us to tailor a design and pricing option that is clear and deliverable.

Our team have been part of the largest and most complex solar car shade installations in Australia. We understand the requirement for the best industry practices to ensure projects can be delivered on time and within the predetermined price.



Solar Car Parks provide industry leading solar car park structures, our team of experienced consultants will take you through the design process set by step to insure your system not only looks great, it maximises the potential energy gains.

Solar car parks are considered one of the leading design and manufactures of solar car park structure across Australia. One of our team are ready to speak with you.

Please take a moment to review the following planning steps.

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Fixed Price Option

We offer a unique approach which provides clarity and added peace of mind for all aspects of the design, supply and installation process. Because we do the correct preliminary surveys and data collection, we can then offer a fixed price model which negates any surprising costs mid install.


We take care of it

Manage the supply chain

Manage all QA requirements

Equipment supply

Geotechnical site information

Building Surveys

Site levels and markups

As-built site information

Subterranean scanning and data collection

Project planning

Project delivery


Transparency is our mantra

Keeping you informed during all stages of the installation process. We understand the workings of an active site, and we understand that communication is paramount to success.

We work with the most experienced teams to ensure the project is implemented and delivered in the most professional manner possible. We have a policy of transparency and communications throughout all levels of the process from design, to delivery, to installation.

Leaving you to focus on

Greatly reduced energy costs

Improved Nabers score

Happier customers

Lower carbon footprint

Expand existing solar systems

Ontime and Low Inconvenience Installation

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Our team have been part of the largest and most complex solar car shade installations in Australia.

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Some examples of our Installations

We are very proud of the service we provide and installation portfolio. We would be happy to offer details at your request.
Please talk to the team for further details.

Portfolio Image 2 Heliopark Pro 125kW

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Solar Car Park, it's efficiency and how it helps your business to get most out of your parking space.

Funding options available with Microgrids to run the network and provide an extra  “rental income” for the site that when capitalised increases the property’s value.
Structures can have water management features added to provide a dry environment under the canopy; water can be collected into tanks.
Power can be fed into the embedded network or microgrid to create a financial return on the resale of the energy.
No intrusion into carspaces by structures so no loss of any car spaces and compliant with AS requirements for carparks.
Panel agnostic system so almost all solar panel types accepted.

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