Electric Vehicle Charging

Benefits of Installing Commercial EV chargers in your Solar Car Park system

For Employers + Employees

  • Meet corporate sustainability goals
  • Provide leadership to your workforce
  • Enhance environmental image with economic feasibility
  • Reduce Greenhouse emissions and improve local air quality
  • “Green” company image enhances your brand
  • Reduced cost of maintenance, servicing and fuel
  • Save on your work commute cost
  • Compatible with all plug-in vehicles
  • Solar car park shade integrated
  • Power Ratings: Up to 22kW
  • 3-year product warranty
  • App enabled
  • Available with load balancing solution to reduce total power required.
  • Floor standing or fully integrated into your solar car park structure
  • Signage & bay marking available.
car charger

JET Charge are our national partner for EV charging as they are fanatical about electric cars. Supplying, installing, and maintaining chargers are the only things they do, and it means a better service for their clients. They overcome obstacles every day to make EV Charging happen in Commercial Car parks and offer integrated billing, and load management so they don’t stand in the way of EV adoption.

JET Charge install, service, and deliver a range of EV charging infrastructure and accessories. JET Charge have done major deals with hardware manufacturers to ensure clients get the best deals on hardware, providing market-leading prices without sacrificing quality or safety. They’ve brought Australia’s most trusted electricians together to create the JET Charge network. From home chargers to scale-able business solutions, they’ve got the best equipped and most experienced team in the country.

That’s why they are recognised as Australia’s recommended EV charging partner for automakers including Tesla, Volvo, Renault, Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Hyundai, Nissan, and KIA. JET Charge have developed patented systems including credit card payment options, RFID readers, load management systems, and more.

Electric Vehicles or ‘EV’s’ make the most sense when they are powered by the sun. Why not add a Universal Electric Vehicle Charging station to your Solar Car Park shade structure to allow visitors to charge their vehicle using the solar power being generated by the solar car shade?

Our expert partners at EVSE and JETCharge; both offer an end-to-end, modular electrification service for commercial environments, fleets and residential developments. From design through to deployment and management of your charging infrastructure, we ensure a team of experts will guide you through the process.

Modular, scalable and future-proof – a charger and energy management platform make powering your electric vehicles simple. By combining intelligent software with charging infrastructure expertise, we’ll optimize your operating costs and ensure both you and your vehicles are fully in charge.

Electric Vehicle Charging Times

Charging times vary by the power of the charging station and the electric vehicles on-board charger. Most car makers recommend installing a EV charging station at home to improve recharging times indicated by kW (charging speed). EVSE has a partnership with many leading European brands to deliver you safe, affordable & fast charging across Australia.

Charger Level Electric Car Distance
(Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Tesla Model S)
Level 1
240V 1.4kW
7.5 KM-15 KM /hour
Level 2
240V 3.3kW-7.4kW
18-40 KM /hour
Level 2 Fast
415V 11kW-22kW
45-120 KM/hour
Level 3
DC Fast Charger
70 KM/ 10 minutes or 420 KM/hour