Solar Car Parks – An Introduction

Solar Car Parks – An Introduction

Solar Car Parks – An Introduction

320kW solar car parks system at Leichhardt Marketplace in Sydney.

We hear the words ‘no-brainer’ thrown around a lot in the clean energy industry.

Thankfully, most of the time it’s a correct assumption for most (not all) products that assist in becoming energy independent.

As we approach the turn of the decade, it’s probably fair to say that most of us share a consensus that solar IS the most reliable and cost-effective means to clean energy independence for many businesses.

When I was first introduced to the solar car park systems being rolled out in huge swathes across the US and Europe during the middle of this decade, it did strike me as THE ULTIMATE NO-BRAINER – for people that operate a business attached to a car park at least.

This is a fantastic dual-purpose solution, providing not only a long-lasting and structurally sound means of housing new solar investment, but also offering your patrons a much more comfortable (and less sweaty) parking experience. Shelter from rain and hail, and UV protection.

So here are some details to help answer some of the questions we often get asked and reasons why if you own and operate a business attached to a car park, a Solar Car Park system could be a great solution you.


Solar car park system including water management rail and front gutter

Solar Car Parks – Key info

Power per car space:

2.8kW depending on solar module. Almost all solar panel types accepted.

Cost per kW Supply:

Structural – $0.80c p/watt +/- depending on size and site conditions.
Design & Install – $0.40c p/watt +/- depending on size and site conditions.
Solar – $1.20-1.50 p/watt pre STC/LGC

Does it reduce car spaces?

Most systems don’t impact car spaces at all. Some do though therefore we normally avoid those. Systems must comply with Australian Parking regulations.

Where does the rain go?

Rainwater can be collected in a front gutter and directed and stored in tanks. A water management racking rail is optional to achieve this at minimal extra cost to standard solar racking.

Why not traditional shade sails?

You should look into solar car parks. Solar car parks are:

  • Much longer-lasting (25 year+)
  • Offer a much better ROI
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Better for the planet
  • Require less maintenance
  • EV chargers = the perfect partnership
  • Creates a great user experience
  • Scale-able
Solar Car Shade System

EV charging and solar car parks?

With the increasing demand for EV chargers, the argument for powering your vehicle from electricity generated by non-renewable sources is often being raised.

By installing a solar car parking system along with EV chargers, you can provide a more comfortable charging experience, whilst offsetting the energy consumption of the electric vehicle with clean kW’s. Although the solar energy generated is not fed directly from panel to the charger. The solar energy is fed to the main distribution board of the building.

Tesla solar car park and EV charging system

Is it complicated?

There’s a multitude of elements involved. So we created SCP to make it simpler. For anyone jumping in for the first time, we recommend speaking to us as we have designed and installed more solar car park systems than anyone in Australia. Working with multiple MW projects across all states.

For more information on system design please feel free to get in touch with us.

Tel: 1300 545 229

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